CipherAPI - What is it?

CipherAPI is the service to deliver algorithm required to decrypt Youtube cipher signatures.

It is open for Freemium use. You can easily fetch the latest algo to decode the ciphered signature by making a GET call. As algo changes randomly, it keeps the record of changing algo.

Please use it responsibly.

How to use it?

Each user will be provided with API key which can be obtained after successful subscription of the plan.

Users can use this API key as follows:

  1. JSON record of the Algo dictionary in the form of:


    {"en_US-vflg1j_O9":["45.43","s[83:86] + s[82:4:-1]","911001a418b4a494af86944535a2ec96"]}
    * MD5 hash is used to track if the Algorithm changes for the same player id.

    Required params: playerID + apikey


  2. Just the Algo in simple form:


    Required params: playerID + sigformat + apikey


How to decrypt signatures?

Detail discussion can be found on:

Points to note

  • It's in Beta stage.
  • Pass the valid and correct params. Repeated bad requests will be reorded and respective IP will get banned. So in goodwill of other good users show some respect.

Error Codes and Bugs

Error Codes are self explanatory. In case of confusion please write it to akhilesh [at]

For reporting bugs and issues, please use Bugs.